Viajes MarsansAccording to Spanish newspaper reports; the new owners of the troubled Spanish travel group – Viajes Marsans, plan on dismissing over half of the firm’s workers. The turnover and organizational restructuring policies will definitely come as a shock to those workers at Marsans, who’ve been working there for years.

Marsans was one of Spain’s largest tour operators and last month it underwent an acquisition deal that was worth 600 million Euros. “Posibilitum” was the infamous buyer who stepped forward to strike this deal and now, new options of guaranteeing an “immediate future” for Marsans are under observation.

Right now, the total number of employees at Marsans is 2,079 and according to some studies, Posibilitum will “let go” of almost 1,179 employees or 56.7% of the total figure. A second option is also quite heavy on the staff members because Posibilitum will be getting rid of 1,479 employees. Hence, one way or another – a lot of people will be losing their job.

A profit oriented venture in business requires tough decisions to be made and this is definitely one of those moments which Posibilitum is faced with. When Marsans was being bought by Posibilitum, it was announced that the new owners will be cutting costs to return the company to its original shape [and success]. It looks like, getting rid of half the employees was part of cutting costs to retain money within the organization.

Gerardo Diaz Ferran was the co-owner of Marsans and he was doing a good job until last December, when the company took a bad turn and headed to deep financial difficulties. Later on, a heavy pile of debts and pending payments just made the company go down but now it is being hoped that things will be back to normal with the help of those new senior members at Posibilitum.