The Prado Museum in Madrid is going to open an exhibition next week that will display the works of JMW Turner, the famous English artist. This exhibition is intended to display some of Turner’s rare paintings that were not in the same show in London and Paris.

Turner - Rome from the Vatican

“Turner and the Masters” will explore links between JMW Turner and his artistic forebears, from June 22nd until September 19. In case you are not thoroughly aware of Joseph Mallord William Turner; He was a 19th century artist who was considered as a controversial figure in his day. But now, he’s being hailed as the master artist who was widely known for his romantic landscape and history paintings.

This exhibition is going to be the first popular retrospective of the artist in Spain, after being shown briefly at Paris’ Grand Palais and London’s Tate Britain Gallery. Almost 40 paintings of JMW Turner will be showcased, alongside the fabulous works of other European artists who were known to inspire him, such as; Rubens, Claude Lorraine, Canaletto and Rembrandt.

David Solkin – The Prado Museum Curator said that Turner is one of the greatest artists of all time and he was and will always be a precursor of abstraction and impressionism”.