Spain Burka Ban PoliticsAccording to the recent announcements made by the religious “freedom” law in Spain, Burqa clad females are a no-go. Mr. Francisco Caamano – The Minister for Justice said that the final decision is still pending in the Congress, but there is a majority of people who are already in favor of these limitations. Apparently, Burqas are a hindrance to identification process in public places and the whole concept of veils doesn’t go along with a “normal” public image in Spain.

It all started when we heard that Barcelona is going to be the first largest Spanish city to ban the full Islamic veil – The Burqa or The Niqab, in municipal buildings. The law was enforced by a decree, which will be signed by the Socialist Mayor of Barcelona – Jordi Hereu.

Hereu’s stance is supportive of the new limitation against the Islamic code of clothing for females and he said that he isn’t acting against any particular religious belief but for “security” concern, the Burqa has to go. Barcelona is also expected to restrict the usage of motorcycle helmets, balaclava helmets and anything which might impede the identification process.

So what’s next on the Ban Hammer’s list? I hope the Spanish government doesn’t pass a new resolution that is supposed to tear off the roofs of all vehicles, so that potential “terrorists” can be “identified” every single day.

The legal advisors have informed the Barcelona Mayor that he cannot ban the use of Burqa/Islamic Clothing in the streets, but could only do so in the City Hall, Libraries, Markets or Nurseries and perhaps, Schools too.

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