Car subsidies Spain

While Spain is going through a tough economic turmoil the Spanish car dealerships are considering claiming back from purchasers, a sum of 6 million Euros. This staggering amount of money is being claimed as per the previous discount policies of the Government’s 2000 euros car scrap scheme — When the car dealerships showed up to claim money from the government, the system just collapsed.

As a result, those dear old car owners have to return the money, one way or another. Meanwhile, Brussels is reported to be on the verge of asking Spain to take additional steps to cut the country’s deficit by 2011. It would appear, 2011 would be too soon to expect any sort of cuts or implementations to overcome the deficit, the matter will take 3 to 4 years to get under control.

On the other hand, the Iberia and British Airways are lined up for a merger and they are looking for ways to create a new administration panel for their group that is supposed to assist them by the end of the year. Each company has a right to select 2 people who are not or have never been on the company’s board of directors list.

Last but not the least, the President of the construction company, “Sacyr”, has said that the perverted agricultural subsidy, which is paid in Andalucía, has to be dealt with in one way or another. Mr. Luis Del Rivero made the calls for reflection, saying that the subsidy is only good for promoting laziness and nothing else.

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