Spanish NewspaperWith each newspaper headlining a different set of statistics, which ones are you supposed to go for? For instance, El Mundo reported that the markets have vanished and the Bank of Spain has confirmed an existence of newly discovered financial problems. It was headlined right there, that the European Union is demanding a cut of 8 billion Euros by 2011.

Move over to El Pais, it’s the same news, but with different figures – stating that Brussels is demanding that Spain confirms an adjustment of over 19 Billion Euros in 2011. (I wonder if the newspaper agencies do it deliberately to attract more readers. 19 Billion Euros? Wow, isn’t that way too exaggerated?)

Anyways, laugh along as you set your eyes on current editions of La Razon that says an additional 7.5 Billion in cuts is being demanded by 2011. On top of it, ABC headlines that the EU is demanding the doubling of spending cuts in Spain, in an attempt to score a 1.75% of GDP by 2011.

Maybe the common men and women of Spain are supposed to saunter up to the officials and ask them the same questions personally. Perhaps, someone will have the correct answers regarding the latest statistics and figures.

Apparently, the fabricated headlines aren’t restricted to financial news only, if you take a look at the sports section of various newspapers, you’ll find the same news, written in a uniquely twisted manner. For example;

–          El Mundo states that the Spanish team has vaccinated itself against euphoria, with the trainer, Vicente Del Bosque, calling for patience and humbleness.

–          ABC stated down the level of popularity of the Spanish team, saying that the dream starts in Durban at 4:00 P.M. (Nothing more, nothing less…)

–          In the end, we have El Pais, with a front page photo of the team in training, saying that all stars are currently under intense training sessions, backed up by a batch of medicines to protect them against any potential ailments.