Rugby has been growing in leaps and bounds in Torrevieja, led by new initiatives to attract local school children by Rugby Charranes Torrevieja, who have taken over the mantle to promote the sport in the city. Until now, the local team have been practicing on a hard dirt pitch behind the Athletics track but all that will soon change as on Saturday, June 19 at 11.00 hrs, the new Nelson Mandela Stadium shall be inaugurated and all those interested in Rugby or finding out more about the sport, are invited to attend. The new Stadium shall also become the home for the Rugby Charranes Torrevieja and these splendid new facilities should help improve awareness and the numbers of players attracted to the sport.

Rugby "Sevens" competition and inauguration in Torrevieja

Over the last few weeks, Rugby Charranes Torrevieja have hosted three tournaments and attracted teams from La Villa, Denia, Elche, Rojales, San Fulgencio and others to compete in seven’s competitions. The young teams have done exceptionally well, beating much more experienced teams on occasions and the future looks bright for the sport in the city. The town also has one of the most competitive ladies teams in the region too.

After the Inauguration on Saturday, visitors will be treated to a number of seven’s games from visiting International and national professional teams, who are playing each other over the weekend. The most famous of all Rugby Sevens competitions may be that of Hong Kong and although there are others in Spain, Torrevieja has her eye firmly on making this Seven’s competition Spain’s number one choice for visiting and national teams.

For those not initiated into the delights of ‘sevens’, as the name would suggest it is played by seven players on each team but on a full size pitch, making for a fast moving, passing and running game, with lots of scoring and plenty of excitement for the crowd. Many younger players from Rugby Charranes Torrevieja, both male and female plus other local teams shall also be there on Saturday to see the new facilities which include seating for 3,000, dressing rooms, showers and treatment areas all of which have given the new Nelson Mandela Stadium the status for playing International Rugby in Torrevieja.