One week FC Torrevieja have a new Director General, followed by a new manager followed by resignations and walkouts. It’s certainly never boring but can be increasing frustrating for fans of the club.

Torrevieja Seasons Ticket

On a positive note, Columbian Mario Barrera is FC Torrevieja’s new coach for next season. The experienced coach is a welcome addition to the stable having spent ten years at Elche and just a month at Orihuela, before their own financial difficulties led to him making a move to Torrellano and now, his new home is at FC Torrevieja.

Barrera noted that he was well aware of the financial constraints on the team but had hopes of making Torrevieja into a formidable one and remarked that the squad already has a number of good players with more expected to be added before the start of the new season. He has long been envious of the fan base at Torrevieja and was delighted to now be coaching the side with the best fans in the third division

Barrera also brought along former Torrellano midfielder and previous Torry fan favourite in Abel, who was part of the promotion team of 2006/2007, who only left the club when Torrevieja announced that they would only be using professional players in their time in the Third Division. With the club’s own financial difficulties from last season well documented, FC Torrevieja have had to take another look at this policy and now field semi-pro players while looking at other creative options for expanding their talent base.

However, the week ended with the walk out of new Director General Soto who had been offered a 12-month contract but was holding out for three-years, which the club’s board decided not to offer him. Soto was one of main protagonists in SAMM Inc deciding to leave town as the signing date of his contract with the club was disputed by Peter Fulford and not in the original financial paperwork provided to the former management team! Apparently, Soto has rethought his actions but the board are standing firm and have accepted his resignation, with no intention to pay any of his thirty thousand euro salary.

With season ticket sales well under way and the first thousand almost sold out, another of the Club’s fund raising initiatives is the ‘100 Club’. Primarily aimed at local business, for just one-hundred euros all ‘100 Club’ members will receive a season ticket, a placement on the club’s official web site, an advert in the first program for next season and their name put into the hat for the opportunity to have their name on the front of the players’ shirts for next season and a front page web placement for the coming season. Individual supporters can also apply for the ‘100 Club’ with the opportunity to have their own or family name on the shorts or even sell it to a local business, should they win the draw.

Applications for the 100 Club are available from the Torry Army office in San Luis from June 28 and for more details you can call Club Treasurer Jeff Scott on 966 677 634 or Commercial Director, Paul Hurrell on 697919820 or 966716631.