With FC Torrevieja’s most disruptive season since their formation behind them, the Directors of the club have made a couple of bold decisions to try and give the club some stability for next season. With Sports and Media Management Inc now stepping to one side and looking to sell whatever it is they claim to ‘own’, the club has announced its season ticket prices for the next campaign and new management decisions. The intension is clear; to make watching local football accessible to everyone, preferring to put bums on seats and fill the stadium, rather than charging high admission prices.

The other major initiative has been to promote former manager Soto to the position of Director General, giving him the responsibility for all matters relating to the club’s finances and liaising between the club and the Town Council. With Soto’s promotion, a new manager is being sought to handle all matters pertaining to the running of the football team, including scouting for new players, training, selection and the everyday management of the team. The new manager shall not have any interference from Soto, the President or any of the directors, although Soto will be on hand to offer advice and assistance, should this be asked for.

FC Torrevieja

In the absence of a major sponsor for next season, the club’s directors have set this season’s budget at 150,000 euros, which they hope to kick start through there aggressive season ticket pricing scheme. In a courageous move, season ticket prices have been slashed by 70%, a move that will be welcomed by many supporters who are struggling with the current economic crisis. Those that move first will also benefit from further savings with the price for ground season tickets set at 30 euros for the first 500 applicants,  the second 500 will be sold at 40 euros each with the price thereafter being 50 euros or around three euros a game, which is an unbeatable price for any club to offer at this level.

For those that prefer the ‘posh’ seats, the price for tribuna (VIP) has been reduced to 80 euros, with match day prices set at ten euros for male adults, five euros for ladies and senior citizens while children under 16-years of age can enter free.  It’s an unprecedented bid to try and return the numbers of supporters back up into the thousands rather than the hundreds. In their heyday, the club attracted upwards of 4,000 for the bigger games on sunny afternoons. Even with the lower numbers experienced last season, FC Torrevieja remained one of the best-supported clubs in their division and the envy of many lower league English, Irish and Scottish clubs, who rarely ever see more than a thousand through their turnstiles.

Nobody shall be receiving a free ride this season. All directors and officials will be required to purchase two tickets each and for the first time, players will also have to purchase tickets for home games or take advantage of the superb season ticket offers!

Season tickets are available from the Torry Army office in San Luis and the club hopes to achieve what many thought impossible; to make football affordable to everyone. The objective is to fill the stadium once again and with your support the Vincente Garcia can return to its formidable fortress status it enjoyed in seasons past while the push for promotion with the right squad is very much the focus for the coming season. Come on Torry!