Salt may give a Margarita a bit of a kick but try mixing salt and wine together and the results are generally not worth thinking about! However this is not the case when it comes to Torrevieja, as on Monday May 24, the City of Salt, inaugurated a ‘Wine Route – Ruta del Vino’, in the La Mata Natural park.

Torrevieja Ruta del Vino

The mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, along with the regional director of the Department of Environment, Water, Urbanism and Housing Ramón Rizo, Councillor for Tourism, Tomás Arenas Bueno, director and curator of the  Parque Natural de las Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja, Concepción Torres plus the President of the Asociación de Agricultores de La Mata, Simón Pérez, took members of the press and invited guests on a tour of the local vineyards; part of the new wine route of the Natural Park of the Lagunas de La Mata. The route is around a mile in length at 1,450 meters and has five stops that are fitted with interpretation panels with information on the history of the vineyards, varieties, biodiversity, nurturing and finally wine processing.

Wine has been produced in the La Mata region for centuries and this new attraction was conceived after conducting an analysis of the soil and environment of the Natural Park zone, which found enormous potential to boost awareness of the vineyards of La Mata. In particular, the Town Hall and Department of Tourism sees an opportunity to implement a strategy to stimulate the economic environment and build upon another activity that is fully compatible with the conservation of the Park Natural.

The mayor of Torrevieja highlighted the great environmental value to the area along with the importance of this new tourist route that will educate visitors on the history and characteristics of the vineyards of La Mata. Ramón Rizo also announced that the wine of La Mata has obtained the Denomination of Origin from the Regulatory Council, which allows wine bottled this year to be labelled under the designation of Alicante origin.

The President of the local Wine Growing Association, Snr. Perez is also the proprietor of Bodegas Simon, which is located directly beside La Mata’s brand new Town Hall. He said that the “Natural Park of Las Lagunas of La Mata and Torrevieja has 47 acres of vines and 30 members who cultivate the vines. These are harvested during the last week of August and into the month of September each year. The wine from the area is 100% organic and processed at seven wineries in La Mata.” Simón Pérez, personally bottles 6,000 bottles of wine annually and also oversees the small Wine Museum that is located above La Mata’s Tourist Information office. La Mata wine is best served chilled as a fresh table wine and is available from his Bodega. It’s also very competitively priced. At the rear of Bodegas Simon one can step back in time and see for oneself how wine was produced in days past, as vats and presses, that have been there for decades, are not only on view but actually still work and give an insight as to how La Mata wine was produced decades ago. Tours can be arranged simply by contacting Snr. Pérez at Bodegas Simón during normal opening hours. Try a bottle of La Mata wine and savour the flavour from Torrevieja’s Natural Park.