Furious trade unionists are up in arms against the Government decision to reduce civil servant salaries by 5% and to suspend their pensions. The slim expectations of the Spanish Prime Minister of playing down union protests because of Government’s existing hopes to engage dialogue the main leaders of the two unions CCOO and UGT were thrashed last Thursday after the Public Services Federation belonging to the UGT joined forces with the CCOO and declared intentions for a General Strike of all Public sector workers on June 2.

The unions are defiant about Government decisions to stop pensions and to cut civil servant salaries even though leniency at the bottom levels would occur. Before the general strike by the public sector on June 2, the UGT union has announced public workers demonstrations on May 20 in all provincial cities. The other unions CCOO, the CSIF Civil Servants Union, the SUP Police Union and the Unified Association a subsidiary of the Guardia civil support these demonstrations.

The General Secretary of the Citizens’ Services federation of the CCOO, Enrique Fossoul claims that civil servants were being criminalised because 90% of public sector workers earn less than 1,500 €. He also feared that the Government has accepted more additions, and empathised that observers were now running the Spanish economic policy.

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