Demonstration in Sevilla, Andalucia
Demonstration in Sevilla, Andalucia

Unemployment figures in Spain have become a nightmare not just for the government which is on the brink of economic disaster, with investors fearing a debt crisis similar to that of Greece, but also for the workers which are seeing record numbers out of a job.

In the province of Malaga over 233,000 are out of a job, pushing the jobless rate to over 30 per cent – the second highest in Spain. Ontop of the list is Cadiz with an unemployment rate of 31.87 per cent according to the latest statistics released by Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) 31st April.

In the other provinces, the unemployment rate rose to 27.79 Almería percent, Granada (26, 89 percent), Huelva (26.75 percent), Sevilla (25.81 percent), Córdoba (23.5 percent) and Jaén, with a rate of 19.96 percent.

PP provincial president and parliamentary Cadiz Andalusia, José Loaiza, has described the latest figures as “alarming”.

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