Mosquito paradise poolIf you happen to live anywhere close to ‘fresh’ water in Torrevieja, be it a lake, a disused swimming pool, gardens, fountains, heavy vegetation, green areas, parks or even some big puddles, this week you have probably seen a lot of men in masks spraying. These mysterious men are not killing weeks but fumigating the area of mosquitoes and their larva to try and avoid similar problems caused last summer, when the coast experienced an infestation of the hated and disease carrying, blood sucking insects.

Torrevieja’s Councillor for Health and Sanitation, Pilar González Cifuentes, announced that the city has been split into 13 zones and from the 19th through to the 25th April, the entire city will have been fumigated. Although the city shall undoubtedly have some of mosquitoes later in the year, Torrevieja is well ahead in terms of insect control and is one of the first cities in the region to start this eradication process. The objective is that last year’s epidemic can be thwarted before the summer heat sets in and mosquitoes can be kept to an absolute minimum.

ZONE 1: Parte baja de Urbanización Los Balcones-Lago Jardín.
ZONE 2: Los Balcones-Rocío del Mar.
ZONE 3: La Veleta-Playa del Acequión.
ZONE 4: Urbanización Mediterráneo-El Acequión.
ZONE 5: Torreta Florida-Torreta I y II.
ZONE 6: Parque de Las Naciones-Doña Inés.
ZONE 7: Torreta III-El Limonar.
ZONE 8: Urbanización San Luís-La Siesta.
ZONE 9: La Mata.
ZONE 10: Centro urbano.
ZONE 11: Polígono Industrial-Ciudad Deportiva.
ZONE 12: Nueva Torrevieja-Aguas Nuevas.
ZONE 13: La Rosaleda-Cabo Cervera.