There are not only those that remember Disco from the 1970’s but there are a few of you out there that ‘lived it’ too! You know who you are! If the music of the Bee Gees and the name Tony Manero, played by a certain 20-something John Travolta starts to ring a few bells, then you’ll know that I’m talking about ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Everyone that’s forty plus can envision Travolta, in his white suit, one arm raised towards the gods, pouting for the camera. It’s an icon of the seventies. And for four nights only you can relive those times as the stage show, albeit in Spanish, is coming to Torrevieja as part of the Spring Cultural program.

But, you’d better be quick as over half of the tickets for the show for the performances are now sold. Stage Entertainment Spain’s last show, Mama Mia sold out and left many wishing they booked earlier, so if you fancy strutting your stuff, squeezing back into that skimpy dress or those indecently tight trousers with outrageous flares, better get yourself down to the theatre box office to avoid disappointment.

Saturday Night Fever in TorreviejaOver the four days, there will be seven performances beginning on Thursday May 27 (21:00 pm), Friday, May 28 (18:30 hours and 22.00 hours), Saturday, May 29 (18:30 hours and 22:00 hours) and Sunday December 20 (17:00 hours and 20:00 hours). Prices are: 45 euros (from row 1 through 11) and 40 euros (from row 11 to 24).

Torrevieja is the last city that the tour shall visit so it’s for sure that the cast will be giving everything they have got. The show is produced by Robert Stigwood (who also produced the film) in association with Stage Entertainment Spain and is the musical based on the mythical film that marked the launch of John Travolta with his magnificent interpretation of Tony Manero. The musical is suitable for the whole family, so whether it’s your first time or you where there, strutting your stuff when it all started; get yourself a seat as disco never sounded this good. Get yourself down to the Municipal Theatre Box Office or visit ServiCam to book your tickets and take yourself on a trip down memory lane.