UK election poster WWIIThere are thousands of expats living in Spain who are possibly blissfully unaware that even though they may live here, most likely they can have a say in the outcome of the next UK Election. Ironically, St. Patrick’s night is the evening that has been chosen when any British Citizen can receive free help with filling out the required forms, to allow you to vote in the up and coming election, which shall possibly be the most hotly contested affair since WWII.

On March 17th at 1800-hrs, Torrevieja’s Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre is where a team of English speaking experts shall be on hand to help any British Citizen interested in casting a vote. You will need to bring along your passport (or a copy with the number) and the details of your last (or present) address in the UK. The team will assist you with the form-filling there and then and your vote will then count back in the Constituency where you used to live.

For the last election, only 2% of expats in Spain registered to vote. Of the two and a half million expats worldwide, the largest concentration of British Citizens living outside the UK is in the Murcia, Alicante and Valencia regions. In order to qualify, you must hold a British Passport and not have lived outside the UK for more than 15-years. Those interested only have four more weeks in order to register and this is the perfect opportunity to do so, with the minimum of fuss and maximum of assistance.

More information can be found at and Don’t miss out on your opportunity to vote in the next UK election.