Last year, a study into the transportation infrastructure around Torrevieja started and when the downtown street systems are reopened and traffic can flow again, some changes can be expected in traffic flow around the city. Following on from this a further 95,000 euros has been granted by to restructure Public Transport around the city.

New study on Public Transport could save more than two million euros per year

Torrevieja’s Councillor for Transportation, Tomás Arenas Bueno, reports that the Regional Department of Infrastructure and Transport, through the Valencian

Energy (AVEN), will allocate a total of 95,000 euros to fund a Comprehensive Study of Urban Mobility in Torrevieja. The overall goal is to save energy and expenditure from a variety of sources along with drastically cutting down on the CO2 gasses produced by the city’s fleet of buses and taxis.

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The study will look at the routes used by public transport, waiting times, schedules with the most important aspects being:

  • The regulation and control of access and parking in downtown Torrevieja
  • Developing and improving the availability of different modes of public transport.
  • Introduction of park and ride systems
  • The management and development of the main road network.

Promoting mobility for walking and cycling through the construction and / or reserving of spaces and the removal of architectural, barriers for pedestrian and bicycles.

The regulations regarding loading and unloading, and goods delivery in the city.

Overall, the initiative hopes to reduce fuel consumption in public transport by more than 2,200 tonnes of fuel per year, meaning emissions into the atmosphere will be cut  by 9056 tonnes of CO2 each year giving savings of over two-million euros in costs annually.

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The Valencian Community is fully behind this action plan and in total there are 35 energy-saving measures that are hoped to cut the consumption from 63,500 tons of oil per year which will be an economic benefit to the  Comunitat ie a reduction of the energy bill of more than 35 million euros.