Alan D. Solomont, the U.S. ambassador in Spain, called on the Spanish government to introduce some labor reforms and find a way to tackle the problem of unemployment. He recommended that Spain should chalk out a plan which will promote’ productivity, security and flexibility’ and help in the economic recovery of the country.

Addressing reporters at a lunch hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Spain, he said that there had not been any great progress made on the issue of unemployment although it had drawn much attention. He therefore, requested the government, employers and workers to think of an answer to this problem which would benefit Spain and its investors.

He added that Spanish investments in the US and American investments in Spain have seen a rapid rise and that Spanish companies have been provided almost half the federal aid of 1,500 million dollars for wind energy projects.

Solomont also counted Spain as one of the United States’ ‘important allies’ and laid stress on the compromise reached by leaders from both sides in prior meetings.

He was praiseworthy of Spain to have a strong democratic system and an important role in the international market. He also praised Spain for showcasing its leadership qualities during its EU presidency and the united response to the global financial meltdown.