At a meeting in Madrid on the discussion of human rights in Cuba, the Spanish government, expressing its humanitarian interest, has asked Cuba to respect the human rights of the political prisoners.

The life of one of such political prisoners, Orlando Zapata, is deemed to be in danger. Zapata was on a hunger strike for the past 75 days, and was admitted to the prison hospital in the capital city of Havana last Tuesday as his condition had deteriorated a lot.

Meanwhile, the meeting in Madrid was attended by Anayans Rodriguez Camejo, senior foreign ministry official from Cuba, and Alejandro Gonzalez Galiano, Cuban Ambassador to Spain from the Cuban side. Alfonso Lucini, and Juan Carlos Sanchez represented Spain and Jorge Domecq was there representing the UN.

According to Spanish officials, a variety of matters were discussed at the meeting without any kind of restrictions. Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, speaking to reporters in Madrid on Thursday, said that such meetings help the parties in building trust and working towards the promotion and achievement of human rights, a greater degree of understanding and cooperation.

Spain is currently the President of the European Union and Foreign Minister Moratinos has brought forward the thinking of easing the policies of the European Union towards Cuba.