As of February 1st, 2010, the plan for direct purchase of vehicles, launched by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade Plan 2000E, recorded 268,793 sales since May 2009. The Government is very pleased with the results and said that Plan 2000E has had a dynamic effect on a number of fronts, which after months of declines has contributed significantly to both vehicle sales plus a reduction on emissions due to newer cars being ‘cleaner’ than those of yesteryear.

Latest figures show that 45.8 percent of buyers have purchased new cars emitting less than 120 gr. CO2/km, while 26 percent have emissions below 150 g / km CO2. Other advantages have also been noted from the point of view of safety, as 51.2 percent scrapped vehicles were more than 15 years old. 92.3 percent of vehicles purchased were new and 7.6 percent used, of which 59.5 per cent were less than 2 years old.

Cars in SpainAnd the good news for those interested in purchasing a new car is that for 2010 the Plan will continue under the same conditions as in 2009, except for some technical improvements, with the government setting aside a budget of 100 million euros to boost sales and manufacturing in the automotive industry. Thus a new car buyer will still receive a 2,000 euros savings; 500 euros from the Ministry of Industry, 1,000 euros per vehicle manufacturer and 500 euros from the CCAA by members of the system, towards a purchase.

All good news if you are in the market to purchase a new vehicle. However, the plan has not been seen in such a positive light by many used car dealers who deal in cars more than a few years old or outside the technicalities of the scheme. For a variety of reasons, second hand or pre-owned cars command premium prices in Spain. Especially in the luxury and sports car marketplace, it’s often cheaper to purchase from Germany, Belgium or the UK and even after transport, importation and transfers have been paid, one can still make savings over buying in Spain.

Over a quarter of a million new cars bought using Plan 2000 EThis was also the case before Plan 2000E existed but one result of this new initiative is that over a quarter of a million older, and often will kept cars, have been scrapped by the Spanish government, never to return to the roads again due to the laws regarding scrapped cars in Spain! The result is that those looking for a bargain car, a run-a-round, an occasional car to use while here for a few months per year, are having a difficult time finding anything of interest, at a reasonable price.

Look for a similar car from the UK or Spain that’s a few years old and the difference in value is quickly apparent. The other result has been that many established local used car dealers in the area have now closed their doors, unable to purchase cars from private sellers or auctions at a reasonable price, to put on their Lots. Look around the once thriving car lots on the N332 and the casualties are plentiful.

If you are in a position to purchase a new or nearly new car and you own something worth less than 2,000 euros that you wish to be rid off, you still have an opportunity to do so. On the other hand, if you are looking for a great bargain in the second-hand marketplace, your work is certainly cut out for you, with many drivers still tempted to run a foreign plated car, possibly without a current MOT or equivalent, while seeking that elusive bargain. Drive safely.