Costa Blanca News reported last week that an amateur geologist has posted a warning that the Valencia Region will be subjected to seismic activity on Wednesday 24th February.

Earthquake to hit Valencia region says Costa residentAccording to the report the geologist, Mr. Day says he bases his warning on “indications he has been getting in the local area” including “increased levels of sulphur dioxide” as well as a “hole in his garden that is emitting sulphur dioxide and runs six miles deep, reaching the fault line that crosses Spain from East to West”.

The same day, Typically Spanish reported on an emergency exercise in Murcia that “saw the participation of more than 500 people”. The exercise was the “largest ever of its type in Spain”.

Only time will tell what to make of these warnings, but one thing is sure; it wouldn’t be the first time an earthquake strikes in the region.

In January 2005, a 4.7 earthquake struck and in 1829 there was a 6.9 earthquake in Torrevieja that left 400 dead, while in 1884 on Christmas Day a 6.7 earthquake left over 1,000 dead in Granada. In 1755 Lisbon, Portugal saw a tsunami that wiped out downtown Lisbon and affected Cadiz and Sevilla.