The Ministry of Labor has designed the index of vacancies for the registered unemployed, and it shows that 39.9 percent of the total number of people who were registered late last month had only a bleak chance of finding jobs. According to the data, about 1.6 million belong to this category out of the 4 million people who registered.

This index puts light on the fact that about 13.5 percent of the people who are unemployed and registered with the INEM had very less chance of finding employment, and the odds of finding a job were low with 26.3 percent of the people. 

The people most likely to miss out on job opportunities are people without a high level of education, women, older workers, and immigrants. Also, people looking for jobs in a larger geographic area are more likely to find jobs than those confined to smaller areas.

Considering all the above stated factors it was found that 39.9 percent of the registered unemployed had very low degree of employability, while those with a medium level of employability stood at 37.1 percent, and those with a high degree of employability stood at a mere 22.9 percent.

37 percent of the total registered unemployed men were less likely to find jobs while the same figure stood at 42.8 percent for women.