Police sources have reported that the Civil Guard has taken into custody a man carrying a pistol and false papers, and suspected of being associated with the ETA. The arrest took place between Asteasu and Villabona in Guipuzcoa during a routine check where the person was riding a bicycle.

The man has been identified as Ibai Beobide Arza and the Guardia Civil has associated him with the 31 December 2008 attack on the EITB headquarters. He is suspected of having planted a truck bomb filled with 100 kilogram of explosives close to the EITB headquarters in Bilbao, which led to a great amount of damage to the building but no lives were lost.

Maps of Navarre and the Basque Country, clothes, a sleeping bag, tools for the bicycle and a flash drive, which is being analyzed, have been recovered from the suspect. The suspect tried to injure himself after getting arrested by banging his head against a Civil Guard vehicle. He was admitted to a San Sebastian hospital where he continued to try and inflict injuries to himself.

Ibai Beobide Arza has been escaping arrest since December last year, and with his arrest, the number of people arrested for being associated with the terrorist group ETA has gone up to 16 this year, with eleven people being arrested in Spain.