As part of an operation against child pornography in Spain on the Internet, Spanish police have arrested 26 people and charged another 10 on Tuesday.

The police searched 34 homes spread over 18 provinces and took into custody 10 computers, 78 hard disks, 673 DVDs and CDs, and a USB drive which had innumerable files containing child porn.

The police said that the operation against child pornography had started in May 2009 in Spain, when a complaint filed by an Internet user had apprised them about child porn being detected on the web.

Specialized computer software for tracking known as ‘Hispalis’ is being used by Spanish authorities to find out the names and locations of the people who are logged on to internet sites which are illegal.

In recent years, Spain’s fight against pornography on the Internet has intensified and around 1200 people have been arrested for being associated with child pornography on the Internet in the last five years.