A few strong men wanted. That’s the cry from the members of the unique ‘International Costaleros’ who are looking for some younger blood and stronger backs to help carry Jesus en la Oración el el Huerto de los Olivos during Semana Santa 2010. This years event marks the sixth time that ‘Los Costaleros; will participate in Torrevieja’s Easter processions and with a float weighing in at 1,500 kilos, it’s imperative that a full compliment of 80 are on hand to shoulder the load.

International Costaleros

Six years ago, the average age of the first Costeleros, the very first International and non-denominational ‘cofradia’, was in the mid-sixties while the average age of other groups is normally in the twenties! Many of the original 100 men shall be carrying again this year but with most of them pushing seventy and a couple pushing or in their eighties, some new men are required to join this unique ‘family’ who each year participate in the ‘paso’.

The float is carried twice during the Holy Week but for the last two years the Good Friday paso has been cancelled due to rain and so fingers are crossed for good weather this year. Since most of ‘Los Costeleros’ are experienced in the technique required to lift, carry and manoeuvre the float, new members learn the ropes in just a couple of sessions. Everyone associated with the ‘paso’ has their own special reasons for being involved but most certainly, there is possibly not a better way to show your appreciation towards the people of Torrevieja than by joining  in the procession.

The first training sessions and uniform fittings are due to be held shortly and anyone interested, from any nationality, is most welcome to come along. Those interested should contact Graham Knight, the Godfather / Padrino  and Captain / Capataz / of the Cofradia de Nuestro Señor Jesus en la Oración el el Huerto de los Olivos. Please email Graham at oari@torrevieja.es.