Pillar González Cifuentes Torrevieja’s Councilor for Health announced that in 2009 local authorities picked up and cared for a total of 619 animals, of which 483 were dogs, 122 cats, plus14 other species such as gulls, 2 eaglets, a ferret and a tarántula!

The facility’s busiest months were June (89), October (79), May (76) and August (51). Some of the animals collected are protected species of which 12 were sent to recovery centers, including San Vicente of Raspeig who received 2 iguanas, 1 kestrel, 2 eaglets and the ferret. The aim of the recovery centres is to release the animals into their natural habitat once they are deemed healthy enough to fend for themselves.

The municipal pound also has to deal with the unfortunate victims of traffic accidents, with every effort made to help the animals recover from their injuries rather than just putting them to sleep. All of the animals, especially the dogs and cats are available for adoption.

The 619 animals collected or given into the shelter, are but a small portion of the real number of abandoned pets to be found around the area, with local charities such as SAT, PADS, PAWS, Joe the Cat Man and others also providing a valuable service. All of these outlets have some fantastic pets looking for a second chance for a loving home, so if you are thinking of adding a pet to the family, please have a look at their animals, remembering that they are already house trained and used to family life.