Terrorist group Al Qaeda has said that the three aid workers from Spain, whom they had taken as hostages about two months ago, are fine and in good health. The Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), had claimed responsibility for the kidnappings of these Spanish aid workers in Mauritania.

Speaking to El Periodico on telephone from prison, Al Jadim Uld Seman, the AQIM’s leader in Mauritania, said that he had been told about this by his associates outside the prison. He added that they were being taken care of well and being provided ‘impeccable’ treatment, and that they had a great deal of respect for the lady among the hostages.

He further added that the people of Spain should pressurize their government and Prime Minister Jose Louis Rodriguez Zapatero not to ally with the United States and fight against Islam under the illusion of a war against terrorism, and warned that the consequences of this may not be good for Spain.

The three hostages, Albert Vilalta and Alicia Gamez, both aged 35, and Roque Pascual, aged 50, who are workers at Barcelona-Accio Solidaria, were kidnapped by the AQIM on Nov 29 last year while carrying humanitarian aid on a highway linking Nouadhibou to Mauritania’s capital city Nouakchott.