As the Spanish government tries to reduce the number of food disorders and ameliorate the mental condition of young women obsessed with their appearance and weight, TV commercials which endorse diet and beauty products may be stopped from airing before 10 PM.

These products are now considered even more dangerous than alcohol, advertisements for which can be aired after 9 PM.

According to the new law, advertisements which cast a negative impact on self-image and recommend products encouraging the cult of the body, and which cite one’s physical appearance or looks as a factor relating to success or social rejection, will not be allowed to be broadcasted. The aim of banning these commercials is to prevent the teenagers from becoming anorexic and bulimic.

A national cosmetic surgery clinics chain, Corporacion Dermoestetica, is one of the largest advertisers in this category which faces the ban and experts feel that such chains of cosmetic surgery clinics will maintain their budgets and divert expenditure to events and sponsorships, or broadcast their advertisements in late night slots.

The law has been passed by the lower chamber and is to be ratified by the upper chamber in the coming weeks, although it is not known precisely when the ban will come into effect.