Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been invited by US President Barrack Obama to visit Washington next month and take part in the traditional prayer breakfast which is an annual event in the US capital.

The prayer breakfast is a big event and is attended by political and business leaders from across the world. It is held on the first Thursday of February and the president’s support has been with the event for decades.

Although it is not clear that this invitation is due to Zapatero being Spain’s chief executive or the European Union’s rotating president, diplomatic sources say that the invitation has been extended from the White House. Zapatero referred to this visit in a press conference in Vienna as a ‘significant and very unique’ event.

This is the first time the two leaders will meet this year. The last meeting was on October 13th last year when Zapatero had visited the White House for the first time. American President Barrack Obama is scheduled to visit Spain for the first time in May this year, when Spain will host the summit between the United States and the European Union.