Fact is, we live in uncertain times, times which are completely game changing – times of crisis. The reality of the matter is simple, traditional marketing channels as well as traditional marketing approaches and strategies are no longer as effective as before. The bottom line is also clear, most business are earning less than before, while others are even struggling to survive.

What few business owners dare to admit is that they are in a state of panic, and in this state what usually comes next is a reduction in marketing efforts in order to save costs and salvage the bottom line. On the other hand even those that are still marketing their products and services, are doing so in the same way as they always have – based on old-fashioned beliefs. The vicious circle becomes self-evident; most businesses are earning less as a result of saving money instead of increasing revenue.

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The typical approach to marketing has long been, let’s place an ad in the paper (or local magazine) and hope for the best. This approach fails to identify that most print media today is merely a graveyard of static advertisers that barely get noticed. The same adverts over and over again, the same dry and boring content placed alongside it and a complete lack of innovative and content rich quality. Without a doubt the internet provides a huge potential, leading many businesses to marketing online. The troublesome trend however is similar to print media; most businesses advertise online with some sort of advert (text link, AdWords…) and fail to create any innovative and lively human connection with the end consumer. A more advanced approach involves the distribution of press releases, nevertheless, most businesses issuing press releases are blatant advertising which completely deviates from any human touch evolving around the company’s products or services. The human factor has been lost!

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So where do we go from here? The solution is simple says Gregor Schellhammer, CEO at the Absolute Imperium Group, “while your competitors are acting like headless chicken, you need to take action to get results” and “while your competitors are relying on outdated marketing, you need to innovate yours”. Schellhammer suggests that in essence, while other businesses are saving on marketing, “you need to make your existing marketing more effective”. So, how effective is your marketing?

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