The Chinese government and a variety of businesses from different sectors will be investing around 1 billion Euros for the development of a tourism, logistics and leisure centre in Murcia, Spain next year. The project is known as Special Zone of Chinese Investments and will include 2000 apartments, shopping and entertainment complexes, and educational facilities in addition to a theme park showcasing the Chinese cultural heritage.

The construction work on the project is expected to begin next year in the city of Lorca and likely to be completed in 2013 or 2014. The project has been made possible by negotiating with Chinese and Asian private initiatives for two years.

The logistics centre will showcase Chinese monuments and have eight themes including one on Chinese culture and history. Around 187,000 square meters of area would be given to Chinese business companies which will invest in ZEIC.

A commercial area where Chinese products and services will be provided is also part of the plan. The centre will also have a business training school and the leisure zone would have a casino, food services, entertainment services, a five star hotel and a golf course.

The ZEIC has been described as a ‘bridge between Spain and China’ by the Spanish government.