Forget the X-Factor and all of those other ‘Karaoke’ style talent shows because the time has come for those with original talent to show themselves in Torrevieja’s First Songwriter Contest, to be held in February 2010.

Torrevieja's first songwriter competition

The auditions started last Sunday at ‘Murphy’s On The Park Pub’ located on Calle San Policarpo 87, close to “Parque de las Naciones” in Torrevieja and those interested in taking part can sign up between the hours of 2030-2330-hrs every Sunday night until January 31st. The event has been organized by The Association Interculturarte Iberica, a nonprofit organization with the motto ‘Art, Culture, Talent’

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Torrevieja's first songwriter competition

There are also some great prizes for the winners including an Acoustic Guitar with Equalizer, a guitar amplifier, guitar strings, gift certificates and a tuner. The show will be recorded live and with the support of the Department of Culture and Foreigners and the winners will perform in a gala at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Center early April 2010.

Art Culture IbericaAll languages, musical styles and musicians are welcome to take part. For more information visit the website, email or phone 666 694 611.