Pedro Hernandez Mateo, Mayor of Torrevieja has put forward a motion to grant the President of the Valencian Community, Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz, the Title of Adoptive Son for the City of Torrevieja.

This is a title that can be bestowed by any Spanish council upon someone not born in their city but because of an outstanding or extraordinary achievement, qualities or personal merits, or serving the community in such a way that it provides benefit and honour to the town or city, the Title of Adoptive Son (or Daughter) can be given to them.

President Camps to be honoured by the City of Torrevieja

Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz, was born in Valencia but has always had Torrevieja in his heart. As Secretary of State of Public Administrations within the municipality, in 1999 he was instrumental in relation to the rejuvenation of the port of Torrevieja. In 1997 as Councillor for Culture and Education of the Valencian Autonomous Government he helped with providing the necessary investment that was required for Torrevieja’s education infrastructure.

He became Vice-president of the Congress of the Deputies in 2000 and was influential in opening up a direct path of communication with Provincial Government to ensure that any matters pertaining to Torrevieja would always be debated if decisions taken might have any type of repercussion for the torrevejenses. Since 25 of May, 2003, Francisco Camps Ortíz has held the position of President of the Valencian Community and thanks to his management Torrevieja now has closer ties with Valencia than ever before.

President Camps to be honoured by the City of Torrevieja

And so Torrevieja’s Mayor, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, Mayor has personally asked the council to vote in favour Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz become one of Torrevieja’s own.