Data released by the Ministry of Employment has revealed that unemployment in Spain increased by 25.4 percent last year and the jobless count is now just under 4 million.

The figures show the number of unemployed people at 3,923, 602, of which 794,640 were added last year. This number is the highest since the introduction of comparable counting systems in 1996.

However, the increase in the number of people without jobs was slightly lesser when compared to 2008, when the number of unemployed people increased by as much as 999,416.

Unemployment was seen to rise over all economic sectors and only 14,021,837 new contracts were given last year, which is 15.5 percent less than 2008.

This report from the Ministry of Employment has come at a time when the Spanish economy has been showing signs of a ‘double-dip recession’ as it has not managed to climb out of the clutches of the downturn as other economies from the European Union.