It may or may not be all change at FC Torrevieja in the coming weeks as talks are now being held over the future of the club between the Town Council, present management and possible new ‘owners’ of the team led by former West Ham player Tommy Taylor representing SAMM inc (Sports and Media Management Inc).

Brighter times ahead for FC TorreviejaThis season has been a torrid one for players, fans and management alike as money troubles, non-payment of wages and uncertainty over the club’s future have featured more in the news than the team’s league results. Interest in the club has been shown by SAMM Inc, a New York based company who over the last 20-years are best known for discovering and developing football talent in Africa and through their network of scouts around the world.

The possible positive side of involvement from SAMM Inc is an influx of money to pay players’ wages, upgrading of facilities and bringing in some of their own top talent to bolster the playing rooster at FC Torrevieja. Future plans could involve the development of a Football Academy in Torrevieja with more focus on working with the very successful CF Torrevieja youth teams giving the city the opportunity to attract and keep the region’s best young players, rather than them being scouted and then signing for the likes of Valencia, Real Murica or Villareal.

FC TorreviejaOn the negative side, some parties have voiced concern that FC Torrevieja could become no more than a ‘farm’ team showcasing the management team’s talent pool rather than a local team that would grow and offer playing opportunities to local players. However, all top European teams have farm teams where they place their prospects to give them match experience, awaiting work permits or recovering from injury. The positive spin of the involvement of SAMM Inc is possibly that in a very short period of time Torrevieja could be fielding an exciting team consisting of youth and experience with an influx of some of their stable of players that would both bring back fans to watch the team play and possibly hasten the goal of promotion to the higher leagues.

As outlined on their web site ‘The intent of SAMM Inc. sports management is to work in partnership with individuals and organizations to discover soccer talent on a global scale from a very early age through talent ID camps, trials and a Worldwide scouting network. Working with discovered talent throughout their careers and beyond assisting with all aspects of life, professional and personal, to ensure they achieve the levels success their talent deserves.’

Torrevieja’s multicultural mix and traditional method of scouting may exclude some very talented younger players from being scouted. Those that miss out often play locally for the Sheffield United Academy whose younger teams consist of South Americans, North Africans, British, Irish, Spanish and northern European while the older teams have some very useful British players who may otherwise go unnoticed. The future of FC Torrevieja may suddenly be looking a lot brighter for 2010. As the saying goes; ‘watch this space’.