The Interior Ministry has said in a report today that the number of people who died in road accidents last year was 1,857. The figure shows the continuation of a trend in the decline in the number of traffic accidents in Spain for a sixth consecutive year.

The government said today that the number of road deaths has fallen to a value below 2000 for the first time in 40 years, when it began keeping records in 1969. The number of deaths in road accidents that year was 3,951 and kept on increasing steadily till it reached close to 7000 in 1989 owing to increase in the volume of traffic on Spain’s roads.

But, the number of road fatalities has been decreasing for the past six years and the Ministry has attributed this decrease to a variety of factors, one of which is the driver’s license penalty points system which came into effect in July 2006.

In addition to the driver’s license penalty points system, there have been other factors like the installation of a greater number of roadway radars and surveillance cameras, which have made the authorities’ task of nabbing speed limit violators  easier, and hence help decrease the number of accidents which could prove to be fatal.