Anxiety reigned amongst British expats in Spain as the police served them a notice that their homes will be demolished after they were declared to be constructed illegally. Around 12 British couples are likely to lose their homes after notices were sent to them informing them about the demolition.

All homes which have been served demolition notices are in south-east Spain, near Albox in Almeria, and will most likely be bulldozed before spring. The expats have decided to protest against the demolitions and blockade themselves inside their houses to stop them.

The authorities in Spain have waged a campaign against past officials who they accuse gave permission to the over-development of regions near the coast. The properties currently under threat were issued a license by the local town hall, but the court later cancelled these licenses when the matter was brought up by a higher regional government.

Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No (AUAN) is a group which supports the expatriates, and will sponsor the appeal made by the expats which could be a last-ditch effort to save their homes. They will oppose the demolitions saying that these people’s human rights were violated and that they were also not apprised of the legal action against their properties.