Heavy rainfall in Spain during the past ten days led to severe flooding in many parts of the country and the Met Office had put more than half of Spain on weather alert. But, the heavy rain also increased Spain’s ability of generating hydroelectricity and irrigating crops.

The Ministry for the Environment and Rural Affairs, in its latest weekly report, has said that there was sufficient water in the reservoirs to generate 9,425 gigawatt-hours (GWh) power, a difference of 685 GWh from last week.

The Ministry’s data also shows that the rainfall of 50.7 mm recorded this week was more than thrice the average for the week ending December 27. Meanwhile, the capacity of reservoirs kept exclusively for consumption increased from 37.7 percent last week to 45.5 percent.

Spain is a country which is gas and grain-dependent to a large extent and imports more than 99 percent of the gas it needs. The increased availability of hydroelectric power will reduce its dependence on gas-fuelled generators.

National grid operator REE’s data shows that the reserves would be self-sufficient for providing electric power for almost 14 days, in the absence of all other sources of power.