A group of delegates from Greenpeace arrived at the Danish embassy in Madrid today and handed in a petition for the release of the executive director of Greenpeace Espana, Juan Lopez de Uralde. The petition has been signed by more than 50,000 people and demands the immediate release of the Spanish Greenpeace director.

De Uralde was arrested on 17th December at the Copenhagen Climate Summit when he managed to get through security at the gala dinner for world’s top leaders at the Christianborg Palace. He went on to unfurl a banner which read -‘the politicians talk, the leaders act’, before being arrested.

Three other activists from Greenpeace – Nora Christiansen, Christian Schmutz and Joris Thijssen- are also under arrest in Denmark and all the four activists will remain behind bars till 7th next month, when they will be heard in court.

The four activists have been totally isolated and are only allowed to meet their lawyers or a representative of the Spanish Embassy. Another similar protest was seen at the Danish Consulate in Barcelona today. Spain’s Greenpeace President Jesús Navarro led the protest and hoped it would be successful in creating an impact.