Spain is due to take up the EU Presidency on January 1 and the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has set four important goals for his country as the day draws nearer.

The Spanish PM had reached Cyprus on December 25th as part of a holiday trip. He met Cyprus President Demetris Christofias in Nicosia and was able to draw an outline for the goals during the talks with Christofias.

Addressing the reporters after the talks, Zapatero said, “These goals are the financial development and the EU financial future, external relations with the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia and the inter-Atlantic relations, the broadening of EU citizens’ rights, focusing on equality between the two sexes and the quick implementation of the Lisbon Treaty”.

Zapatero also said that he talked about the relations between the two countries and promised full support in the peace talks directed towards the unification of Cyprus.

Cyprus had been divided into Greek and Turkish Cypriot areas in 1974 when the Turkish military had intervened as an answer to a coup by Greek army officers.

Christofias has assured the Spanish PM that Cyprus is in favor of Turkey’s complete accession to the European Union, but for that to happen, Turkey should not shy away from fulfilling the obligations it has towards Cyprus and the European Union.