It’s highly unlikely that President Zapatero will be calling a General Election anytime soon but that has not topped the PP in Valencia revealing that should an election be called in the near future, they would continue to hold onto power. Secretary General of the Partido Popular in the Valencian Community, Antonio Clemente, publicized the results of a poll undertaken in the autonomy that would give the PP 55.1% of the votes if an election was held in January, 2010, theoretically increasing their number of seats by three to 57, whilst the Socialists would loose two seats, from 38 to 36 or 32.8% of the vote.

The PP’s stronghold continues to be Valencia showing an increase of +2.2% followed by Alicante (+1.9%) and then Castellon (+1.4%). The poll also asked Socialist voters their opinions and somewhat surprisingly only 33% thought that the PSOE would win the next election while 54% stated that they thought the PP would. About half said that they believed that the PP had the best interests of the autonomy at heart and as such would be the better placed to help solve the major problems of the community, mainly that of unemployment.

The poll concluded that the PP surpassed the PSOE when it cane to questions about supporting the autonomy, propping up small and medium-sized businesses, reducing taxes, creating employment, guaranteeing water and controlling immigration. However, the PSOE did slightly better when asked about who was more concerned over climate change. As to whom voters would prefer as President of the Valencian Government, 81% favoured Francisco Camps, as opposed to just 45% for Jorge Alarte!