It’s always a good thing when education also has a practical application rather than just classroom theory and that principle was show to have good use this week at the inauguration a new park in Torrevieja. Rocio del Mar is now the proud owner of the park, designed by students of Jardinería de la escuela Taller Palangre III, 13 students and workers helped to bring the design stage to fruition.

New Park Virgen Del Rocio Torrevieja

The park has a surface area of 4,000 meters squared, with Mediterranean trees and shrubs  including palms, olive trees, peppers, aromatic plants, hibiscus and yuccas, There is also a small children’s play area of almost 200 meters squared, that consists of 6 balance beams and a multi-game type boat, besides an activity zone  for those of the 3ª age (that’s over 55 for you and I!).

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Dog owners now have no excuse but to pick up after their pets as dogs have their own area plus ample waste paper baskets and walking areas have been provided. Another good example of students work being put to good use within the city of Torrevieja.