A two-month excavation project aimed at finding the remains of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca has not been successful and yielded nothing. Officials have admitted the fact that the excavation, carried out on a hillside near Granada, did not succeed in finding ‘a single bone, item of clothing or bullet shell’.

Lorca was Spain’s most acclaimed poet and playwright of the 20th century. He was executed when the Spanish Civil War begun in 1936 by General Francisco Franco’s militia fighters. The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of his remains has not found a solution yet.

The excavation had been requested by historians and the relatives of people who were killed and buried along with the Spanish poet.

Garcia Lorca’s niece Laura has said repeatedly that the family is not in favor of the excavations, which are a part of a 1990’s movement to help people locate the remains of their loved ones lost during the war.

Begoña Alvarez, Andalusia region’s justice minister said that the excavation was now over and there were no burials at the place.