The Parliament in Catalonia has passed legislation for a preliminary ban against bullfighting, Spain’s ‘national fiesta’. The bill was passed with a majority of 67 against 59, while five of the legislators restrained from voting.

 The ban will now enter the legislative process and may undergo modifications before it is presented in the Parliament for the final approval. The proposed ban if implemented will make Catalonia the second province in Spain to ban bullfighting after the Canary Islands did so in 1991.

Prou, the anti bull fighting platform collected 180,000 signatures for this cause to bring the bill to the Parliament. According to Prou’s representative Anna Mola, the mammoth number of signatures which were roughly four times than required for bringing the bill to the Parliament, hints of a shift in the mentality of the public. She also highlighted the fact that bulls cannot defend themselves and there is no place for making animals suffer for fun in the 21st century.