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Catalonia faces water shortage scare


According to a report by GECCC, an expert group for climate change in Catalonia, the region may face water shortages in the near future if the temperature continues to increase at the same rate. The report, which is a continuation of the paper that was submitted at the Copenhagen summit, used scientific measures to arrive at this conclusion.

Joseph Enric Llebot, one of the co-authors of the report, said that there are evidences of natural decrease in the volume of rivers including river Besos. He also said that increase in forest cover won’t be much effective, as increased temperature will result in increased evaporation from the water bodies.

The sea level in Catalonia is rising at a rate of 3.5mm/year, which is higher than the global average. Contrary to the trend in most part of the world, the maximum temperature in Catalonia is rising at a faster rate than the minimum temperature, which according to experts adds to the already grim situation.