Question: What do Michael Caine, Ronnie Biggs and the Costa Blanca have in common? None other (as far as I know) than local author Michael Grey, who spends much of the year writing and relaxing here. And the link! Michael wrote a book about his bimonthly visits with Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs, , since he gave himself up and was put back behind bars in 2001. That book, ‘Ronnie Biggs: The Inside Story’ has now made it as far as the desk of Mr. Caine, whom one and all associated with the book and a Hollywood film company, consider him perfect for the part.

Michael Caine in line to play Ronnie Biggs!

Should the project come to fruition, another Eastender, Bob Hoskins also holds the right credentials for the role. Costa Blanca TV have also approached Mike Grey about a Costa Crime TV series to be shot here and spent a few moments interviewing him about the book and film project. Author Mike Gray, said: “These two guys are London boys who have both become Hollywood legends. It would be fascinating to see one of them play Biggsy in the film.”

Caine, 76, probably would be first choice for the project as he is more physically similar in build to Biggs. He’s currently starring in the new movie, ‘Harry Brown’, where he plays an ex-marine, turned vigilante to avenge the murder of his best mate by local gang members.

The essence of the book is not so much about the Train Robbery but Biggs recounting his memories of life on the run. Biggs was jailed for his role in the £2.6-million heist of the Glasgow to London mail train in 1963. Two years later he made a daring escape and spent the next 35-years evading capture, primarily in Spain, Australia and most famously, Rio, Brazil.

After an appeal made by Mike Grey, his son Michael Biggs and others associated with him, Biggs, 80, was finally released on compassionate grounds in August 2009. Stayed tuned. You never know. Michael Caine could soon be gracing these parts with his presence. Now, a lot of people know that, if you pardon the paraphrasing.