Energy Conversion Devices announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Spain’s Endesa for the installation of 3 MW UNI-SOLAR laminates in Sevilla. The laminates which will be bonded to the Giscosa waterproofing system will be installed directly on the rooftops of two buildings of the Coca Cola Company.

ECD is the top worldwide manufacturer of thin-film flexible laminate products. It has a wholly owned subsidiary- United Solar Ovonic, through which it will oversee the progress in the construction of the proposed system. The proposed rooftop system will begin construction this quarter and the finished system, which will be ready in the first half of the coming year, will be owned and managed by Endesa.

This is Endesa’s biggest rooftop solar project till now and an excellent opportunity to join hands with ECD and United Solar.

Andreu Cladera, Product Manager PV of Endesa Spain, said that low-load bearing rooftops can be seen throughout Spain and UNI-SOLAR laminates would be just perfect for the required purpose owing to their quality of generating more electricity per watt and ease of installation in comparison to other solar products.