A British man accused of homicide in Marbella was extradited to Spain from Gibraltar. The 25 year old man is accused of stabbing three people in a street fight in Marbella. The extradition was made as the result of a request made by the Instruction Court two of the Marbella town. The court ordered the accused to be held in prison on remand.

The case goes back to January 24 this year, when a fight started at Plaza de los Olivos in Marbella and the National Police was called. The fight resulted in three stabbing wounds, of which one was very serious. The accused is believed to have left a 30cm long machete in a nearby dustbin during his escape from the brawl.

Earlier, the police had found many knives at the accused person’s home and had said that he had fled to Gibraltar. Officers from the specialist violent crime unit UDEV described the accused as a ‘very dangerous’ person who is an expert in martial arts.