Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, the President of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, CEE, has said that abortion is a sin and is equivalent to killing an innocent human being. He said that it is morally incorrect and should never be accepted and the laws should be obliged for the protection of this right of an indivudual. He added that he was not able to understand that why abortion isn’t a crime.

Presenting another document by the Spanish Catholic Church named ‘In the face of the moral and economic crisis’ which defines the church’s position during the times of recession, Camino spoke strongly against abortion. The Church has called those politicians sinners who have voted for abortion in the past, insisting that such politicians should be denied communion.

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, Spain’s Deputy PrimeMinister replied on the government’s behalf that the Parliament will decide about the abortion law and reminded the Church that the government shared a relationship of loyalty and transparency with it. She further added that the government is working on reforming the law to provide more protection to the women who want to stop pregnancies.