Antoni Ruiz, who was jailed 3 decades ago for being a gay, became the first person to receive an apology letter from the state.

The Declaration of Reparation which he received from the state comes under the 2007 Historical Memory Law, in which the state recognizes that the person was unjustly prosecuted and imprisoned because of his sexual orientation.

The letter was signed by Justice Minister Francisco Caamaño. Incidentally, Antoni Ruiz is also the first person to receive compensation from the state.

Antoni Ruiz was 17 years old in 1976, when he was imprisoned for being a homosexual. In 1976, General Franco’s polices were still in practice and homosexuals were considered dangerous to the society. Antoni spent 94 days in prison and was forbidden from returning home for another year.

He received 4000 € in compensation and urged other people who suffered from the same fate to apply for their own Declaration of Reparation. Only two former prisoners have chosen to do so.