Travelers are expected to carry their coats and umbrellas as the Northern parts of the country anticipate downpour during the four day long weekend, with Monday and Tuesday declared as bank holidays for the fiesta.

AEMET, Spain’s meteorological agency, said that a new disturbance will be crossing the country and this would affect Galicia, Cantabria and other parts of the north, especially on Sunday. 

The traffic authority DGT expected 6.2 million journeys would take place on road during this weekend and warned that weather conditions can make things difficult for drivers.

Taking lessons from the previous year which saw 200 kilometers of holdups form at a time, the traffic police is taking extra precautions this year. Special measures will be applicable from 3pm on Friday until midnight on Tuesday. 9300 traffic guards will on duty over the weekend along with 700 civil servants, specialist technicians and 18 traffic helicopters to assist them.