The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is investigating a number of cases of E.Coli O157 amongst travelers returning to the United Kingdom from Benidorm in Valencia, Spain. 14 of these cases of gastrointestinal infection are confirmed according to the government agency.

The agency is working in tandem with the Spanish authorities in the investigations for the cases and is trying to identify the source of the infection, which could prove helpful in offering definitive advice to tourists.

Symptoms of the infection can be usually seen within 3-4 days of contracting it, and vary from having mild or bloody diarrhea to no fever. A very small percentage of cases, especially in children may see symptoms such as kidney failure.

Travelers returning from Benidorm who suspect having caught the infection have been advised by the agency to visit their doctors in order to minimize the effects of the infection. The HPA has warned that more cases could be possible in the coming weeks as the source of infection has not been identified yet.